Digital Branding Commercial Products

Digital branding is not all related to branding online content. For example when you are in a modern sports stadium, the advertising boards have been replaces with LCD screens. These are incredibly expensive and therefore equally as costly to advertise on, but the brand is broadcast to thousands of spectators, both inside the stadium and externally on television.

Frequently these boards are scrolling so the message is seen as moving and attracting the eye. They are also often limited to show the brand name, logo or slogan. A company advertising on a LCD pitch side advertising board will automatically be likened to the team playing.

Other products can include advertising screens that can be found in London Tube stations as you proceed down escalators. These are very similar to television advertising but with no sound. THey are vivid and attention grabbing, and with a moving picture it certainly grabs a potential customers attention.

Digital printing is another way to promote your brand without the need advertise online. Images can be printed onto many different products now, such as banners, flags, restaurant parasols, etc. The consumer is often forced to make the link between the brand and the environment the product is located in, but it is not used in obscure sense. For example whilst sitting outside a restaurant or cafe there may be a fabricated barrier to indicate where you can sit. This may have a alcohol brand printed on it to help promote both the location and the brand.

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