Digital Branding Strategies

There are three key components on developing a strong online brand. These are: online advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO) and Social Media. Online advertising is fairly straight forward and you see it day to day when you go online.

The little banner at the top of the page, the additional window that opens when select a link, these are all obvious forms of online advertising. Another way to communicate with your audience is through social media sites such as Facebook. If there is a brand within Facebook that a user particularly likes the may click on that link, this can then filter into their status updates and generate an online buzz amongst their peers.

This can follow onto Youtube, Twitter, MySpace and other social media sites that the user is integrated with. SEO is another great device that can help increase brand awareness by the use of seo techniques. Having a top result on a Google web search increases the likeliness of a website and a company to be used. If your result is close to the top then it is considered the most accurate return for what the customer is looking for and there are more likely to select it rather than wade through further pages.

Whether you currently have a website or not we are here to help you, the client, build a presence on the web to achieve your business goals of sales, enquires or brand awareness. This website is designed to briefly demonstrate our skill set; however, in order for us to achieve a better understanding of your requirements, what we would really like you to do is to get in touch and let us then build a profile of you and your requirements.

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We will focus efforts on your business objectives, no matter what they are; Optimising ROI, Sales Growth, Gross Profit Growth, Lead Generation or even Database Growth.

We do this with a complete set of services that drive visitors (SEO & PPC), engage those visitors with your products or services (conversion) and analyse what was successful (analytics).