Analytics - Google Analytics for Optimal Results by GO Optimisation


Properly configured, web analytics can give you an idea about how people use your website, what they purchased, the websites they look at before yours and even the search terms they would have used to find your website. Analytics data can quickly and easily show you patterns of behaviour on your site. These insights can help you optimise your PPC spend, maximise your SEO visits and improve your conversion rates. Spike are experts at converting data into workable improvements online,

Our preferred analytics solution is Google Analytics.We can provide consultancy on how best to implement Google Analytics and can even help set-up and configure the tracking code and analytics accounts. We'll provide support and learning material to help you get the most out of your analytics data.

Spike full service implementation includes:

Dashboard & reporting setup that can be used by you, your colleagues and entire departments.
Ecommerce tracking
Google Adwords linking (where appropiate)
URL tagging
Goal & event tracking




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We will focus efforts on your business objectives, no matter what they are; Optimising ROI, Sales Growth, Gross Profit Growth, Lead Generation or even Database Growth.

We do this with a complete set of services that drive visitors (SEO & PPC), engage those visitors with your products or services (conversion) and analyse what was successful (analytics).