Information on Digital Branding in the UK

This personalisation will inevitably shock the customer into paying closer attention to what they are a seeing and hearing and therefore acknowledge the online advertising methods in more detail than would have been Pay Per Click Bid Management normally.

We have an in-house team with extensive experience, dating back as far as 2001. We are able to meet the needs of company's of any size and dedicate the time and focus that is needed. Amongst out team are specialists in PPC and search marketing, link building and online reputation management, strategic planning and online content creation.

The team's online marketing experience stretches back to 1999 and the first PPC search models of Yahoo and search engine optimisation for Altavista. More recently, experiences have been held-up as case studies for Google adwords, Microsoft adcenter, Google adsense, NTLbusiness (now virgin media) and VeriSign.


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We will focus efforts on your business objectives, no matter what they are; Optimising ROI, Sales Growth, Gross Profit Growth, Lead Generation or even Database Growth.

We do this with a complete set of services that drive visitors (SEO & PPC), engage those visitors with your products or services (conversion) and analyse what was successful (analytics).