SPIKE Digital Branding Trends for 2014 - 2015

digital brandingDigital branding  has derived from a new way of promoting products with thanks to computers and the internet.

The idea of digital branding is to increase brand awareness of a product, service or company through the use of various different media platforms through: television, radio, mobile phones, banners, etc.

The importance of maintaining a brand is key to companies who are viewed as being market leaders, and if anyone wants to compete they need to have a similar brand awareness. Car manufacturers are renowned for their digital branding and their ability to promote new car ranges through all available media sources. A recent marketing campaign for BMW Mini involved short "mini-films" to be broadcast on television.

These were fun, creative and innovative branding. This was then followed up with a strong online presence that offered consumers the chance to submit their own "mini-film" ideas and an opportunity to win competitions and get the advert created. With both the advert and the online material, BMW were able to convey to their audience that a Mini was a fun and enjoyable car.

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Online success is critical to the future of all businesses; websites are no longer solely used for advertising, they must be used to a build brand, win customers and develop a retention program that enables a successful business strategy to flourish.

The internet is the fastest growing marketing communication tool in history. Control has shifted in favour of the consumer and geographic marketing boundaries have increased.

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